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Have you ever driven a Kia EV6?

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Have you ever driven a Kia EV6? What did you like or dislike about this electric crossover SUV? 


 kia ev6

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Drove a kia ev6 with high expectations... But the motor and the interior weren't as nice as I expected.. The design was nice but not as comfortable.  Somehow the Tesla motor is so much preppier than any ev I've tried. ( Jaguar, bmwi4, ev6, ionic ) 

Plus the 2 kia dealers I went to were crooks, and they told me prices that were no where near what the car was worth in my opinion. ( Around 4-  6k over msrp). 

Still a nice car if you're able to get it for a reasonable price.  Kudos to kia for designing an affordable car with decent range.  


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I did a overview here: 

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