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My question is with the noise from the last three days behind us and a little gain so far this week what will move the stock going forward???
Will it be hearing or seeing some cars delivered?
A speeding ticket from the first car guy?
Or the approval for the car in North America?
Or something new.  Good or Bad ?

And when will this happen ?

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This stock seems to move based on retail sentiment as well as fundamentals. Last August it bounced to $11 when there was some positive news about the ONE selling out etc. IMO, the stock will get a good bounce if retail fans get excited about the car, but that requires getting vehicles on the road and getting them into the hands of reviewers. Rivian bounced to almost $40 last summer on the back of terrific reviews following release of the R1S (it is $14 now). So if strong reviews come, there should be a meaningful bounce. Other than than, it is all about delivery numbers. Are they tracking for 200 a week production over next seven weeks as promised? Are the produced vehicles headed out to customers?

The equation from here is very, very simple, IMO. Great reviews, hit the (lower revised) numbers in customer hands and the stock pops back to maybe even double digits. Bad reviews, no reviews, slippage in the 200 a week, and it can quickly crater to $2-$3.