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Naked Short Selling

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In December 2022, there were 2,804,393 shares sold short of Fisker's stock that were failed to deliver. Not sure how to tell the overall percentage of naked short selling going on in Fisker's stock. However, nearly 36.5% is sold short at the moment according to Fintel. Wonder if there is anything here for Fisker to follow suit like Genius Group, Helbiz, and other companies? 

Genius Group is throwing the kitchen sink at the problem by issuing a special dividend along with possible buybacks, dual listings, and a reverse stock split. In addition, it’s working with government regulators and may take legal action against those participating in naked short selling, which is an illegal practice.

Shares of Helbiz Inc. on Monday jumped after the intra-urban transportation company said it entered into a deal with Shareholder Intelligence Services LLC to tackle an alleged illegal short selling of its stock. "The company believes that certain individuals and/or companies may have engaged in illegal short selling practices that have artificially depressed the stock price," Helbiz said Friday.

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The best solution is for Fisker to drop actual news onto the market, generate positive buzz, and line up a massive short squeeze. EPA/WLTP range might be a good start. 🙂