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Message from Henrik Fisker to Shareholders

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Posted this afternoon by Henrik on Stocktwits:

"This has been a turbulent year! Supply chain issues & stock price. We have not been immune to the downturn in the EV stocks, despite the fact that we have achieved most of our milestones. Our deposits r not $100, we have booked 1000’s of $5k non refundable deposits. I know we are ending the year on a tough note, with a share price far from where it should be! On a super positive note; We are just a short time away from starting deliveries in both US & EU, something that’s uncommon for any start-up, this means we have a giant addressable market from the get go! I just got aware that our Ocean might qualify for the US $7500 IRA tax rebate if leased through our Flexee lease, we are still looking into if this is correct! We are a disruptive company, not just with the worlds most sustainable car, but with our business model & we are working on some exciting things, that I think will catapult Fisker into the fastest growing EV start up in 2023. ?? for ur patience & support."

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“Baby, don’t leave me- I can change. I promise”!!?

Will I get my Fisker One delivered before my VW needs its 100K service?? The race is on..
and…… will we still get the $7500 tax credit? Only HF knows…