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London Investment Firm Buys 15.6 Million Shares of Fisker Stock

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Never heard of FIFTHDELTA before, but they're now one of the largest stakeholders in Fisker shares. This London-based investment firm recently purchased over $100 million in Fisker Class A common shares according to an SEC filing from earlier today.

Today, an SEC filing was published online showing a new statement of acquisition of beneficial ownership for Fisker Inc. The Schedule 13G reveals FIFTHDELTA, a London-based global investment management firm, purchased 15,631,450 shares of Fisker Class A common stock. This purchase appears to have occurred on December 1st, 2022 or thereabouts. It represents 8.71% of outstanding Fisker Class A shares as of November 3rd.

According to LinkedIn, FIFTHDELTA was founded in 2021 by Niall O’Keeffe and Tio Charbaghi, former Portfolio Managers from Citadel. The company’s website is sparse with little information. The only thing displayed is a quote from Sun Tzu. It reads, “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.” Shares of Fisker closed the day at $7.24 -0.02 (-0.26%) outperforming other EV makers, which were off by more than 4% to 6% including Lucid, Rivian, and Tesla.

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