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Henrik Responds Personally to Short Seller

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Published earlier this week, but just getting around to reading it. Lots of good nuggets in here. First time I've seen Henrik personally respond in an interview about Fuzzy Panda, "Well, the guy is a simple crook, right? You can quote me on that." Lots of other good nuggets in the article if you haven't read it.

I want to shift gears a little bit. You had the report from the short-seller firm earlier this month. Do you have anything to add since that’s happened? Do you see your company taking any sort of action as a result of that?

Well, the guy is a simple crook, right? You can quote me on that. 

You know the type of BS, quite frankly, he was coming out with — I was surprised that anybody even printed that stuff. It was just completely ridiculous. And I’ll mention again, we have no bank guarantee with Magna. Our vehicle is not based on a Chinese platform. Again, a full lie. 

So the guy was obviously just lying and coming up with completely unsubstantiated [claims]. I don’t think he’s shown any evidence, and I’m sure if you’re reporting on this, you would ask him for some evidence for what he’s claiming. He doesn’t have any. So that’s also why I think Reuters or Bloomberg, at the end of the day, changed their headlines — because when they asked for that evidence, there was none.


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Good insightful interview.