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Pear trim levels

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I have a Fisker Pear reservation but I was wondering what the trim levels might look like? I know that the difference between the Sport and Extreme trims on the Ocean is about 30K. I wonder if we can expect the same sort of spread on the Pear or will the spread be smaller since this is supposed to be a more accessible vehicle?


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@eyad-atallah I doubt we will see such a big difference! It would cut into the ocean’s price range! Fisker also mentioned that it’s not meant to be a premium car! It will have some cool features, but I would expect the top model to be around $40,000 at most! In the case of trim levels, it will probably have 3 trim levels as well with their unique names im guessing. And maybe a PEAR ONE model on the first year as a limited edition? Everyone’s guess is as good as mine I’m sure lol. 

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Let's throw some math against the wall and get some ballpark ideas.

Just looked at the configurator here in Canada for some reference. The Ocean Ultra is 45% (37%in the US) more than the Sport and the Ocean Extreme is 104% (84% in the US) more than the sport (wow, I didn't realize the percentage increases in the Trim levels!!). If we assume that the Pear will have similar trim levels and an estimated Pear Sport starting price of $35,199 ($29,999 US-based on the % price difference of the US/Can price difference) then the Pear Ultra would be $48,222 ($41,099 in the US) and the Pear Ultra would be $64,766 ($55,199 in the US).

Hopefully being that the Pear will be an entry level vehicle the percentage differences will be lower as the vehicle will be smaller with less options.