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Just rewatched the Product Vision Day presentation (I was working during the actual presentation so mostly listened). Here are some things they mentioned and some things I noticed about the Pear.

The Doors have frameless windows.

There is no traditional hood, the hood and front fenders are all one piece.

The 5 seater will have the Ocean rotating screen.

Side Mirrors are cameras.

6 seater front bench seat option.

Fold flat seating.

Something up the center of the dash? Wonder if this will be connected to the 17.1" screen so you can lift it up high?

Solar Roof (probably only on the Extreme).

"Froot " or Front boot, nice word play on fruit as well (Pear being a fruit). Looks to be about 6" tall, they didn't open it.

Houdini Trunk.

It doesn't appear to have the small screen behind the steering wheel like the Ocean.

The bottom of the steering wheel is awfully thick.

Thumb wheels on the steering wheel (no buttons?).

Power Drivers seat.

Pretty spartan interior (ok with me).

Mutiple sensors in the front and rear bumpers.

Possible rear-view camera (looks to be one in between the wraparound tail lights, top center).

Will it have California mode? All windows look like they go down anyways (no doggie windows).

It does remind me of a Hot Hatch. Thought it looked sharp, looked good in Blue Planet (assuming). 

Confirmed price of $29,900, built in the US so federal rebates apply.

Car and Driver estimating 3 trim levels: Sport @$30,000, Ultra @ $33,000 and Extreme at $37,000.

Mid 2025 release.




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Yes, I was really surprised they didn't open the fruit™!  I was really interested to see how it worked.  Most likely just not ready yet.  

Re California mode, I doubt it since the rear side windows are sculpted to the shape of the car and don't open or close.

Side cameras will work in Europe, but not in the US, so expect regular mirrors here.

It does look like a nice package and good compromise of component reduction and fun design.

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@mtn-ranger Yeah, surprised as well about the Froot. Didn't look very big either, maybe 6" tall?

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@mtn-ranger I was thinking the same about the digital side mirrors but perhaps laws will cater to this change as it will be produced within 2 years.

@mycj7 They did show it opening on the screen above during the intro.

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