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[Closed] Fisker Ocean Big List of Questions (and Answers)

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Here is a list of questions I have and that I have seen posted in the forums. Thought it would be useful to keep a running tally and their answers when they (eventually) arrive. Would welcome additions or any definitive answers if you have them!

List of Owner's Manuals (click on link): US English, US Spanish, Germany, France, UKDenmark, Norway (eng), Sweden, Netherlands, Canada English, Canada French

Please note model abbreviations O/X/U/S (One, Extreme, Ultra, Sport)

      1. Powertrain, Range, & DCFC
        1. Size of battery (Gross / Net)? √ 113kwh Gross / 107 kwh Net (Fisker Spec Sheet 5.5.2023 / HF interview 5.16.23)
        2. Max Charging Speed? 250kw √ Confirmed HF interview in Oslo & Wards Auto article "both batteries" can do "more than 250kw" max charging speed
        3. 800V or 400v? - √ 400V MotorTrend Review 11.9.22
        4. 10% - 80% Charging time? √ 33 minutes confirmed by Fisker specs and IG 5.19.23
        5. Will navigation include non-partner charging stations? Prioritize fastest charging speed?
        6. Fast Charging plug-and-charge support? /Which networks? 
        7. Included free DCFC/how much / which network(s)? NO for US; YES for Europe (Allego "year of free charging" for vehicles purchased before 31 Mar 24, must sign up in the Flexee App).
        8. 0-60 Time with Boost Mode (One / XT)? √ 3.6 Seconds (3.9 Seconds 0-100km)
        9. 0-60 Time WITHOUT Boost Mode?
        10. Range with 20” Wheels? – One/Extreme √ WLTP 440 miles / 707 km; EPA 360 miles, Ultra ~340-350, Sport ~250 
        11. Range with 22” Wheels?  – One / Extreme √ WLTP 436 / 701 km; EPA est 357 miles,
        12. Top Speed? √ 127 mph / 205 kmh (Fisker Spec Sheet 5.5.2023)
        13. Towing Capacity? √ 4,012 lbs / 1820 kg (Fisker Spec Sheet 5.5.2023)
        14. Horsepower? √ 468 hp / 564 hp (w/ Boost) (Fisker Spec Sheet 5.5.2023)
        15. Torque? √ 7,903 Nm / 8,362 Nm (w/ Boost) (Fisker Spec Sheet 5.5.2023)
        16. Selectable regen (real-time e.g. paddles, software setting)? - yes, selectable
        17. Will the chassis be dynamic/able to change the stiffness of the dampers?
        18. What type of 12V battery (LiON/LA)? √ "The 12V battery in your vehicle is a lead-acid battery" Owner's Manual
        19. Why type / brand of brakes?
      2. Exterior / Mechanical Features
        1. Ground Clearance? -22" wheels 7.1"/180mm; 6.5"/20" wheels 165mm (Fisker Spec Sheet 5.5.2023) 
        2. 20” / 22” Tires run flat? – no run-flats or spare, only tire repair kit √ (confirmed by Sean at Fiskerati)
        3. Heat pump? - √ Yes for all models O/X/U only not for Sport (11/22 press kit confirmed HF)
        4. Adaptive Matrix LED headlights? √ No (confirmed by Fisker on FB 1/6/23)
        5. Are F5 / F3 wheels or covers? – F5 & F6 are alloy wheels, F3 are gloss alloy wheel with carbon fiber covers, F7 (20") are covers on a 7 spoke wheel. (press kit ) √ 
        6. Alternate styles of 20” wheels? - potential for alternate covers or removing covers (7 spoke wheel is finished matte gray with logo)
        7. Color of brake calipers? – Confirmed One is Teal (press kit 11.2022)
        8. Power folding Mirrors? - Yes √ (confirmed at Pebble Beach).
        9. Blind Spot Indicator on Mirrors?  - Yes √ (confirmed at Oslo Auto Show)
        10. Windows tinted or IR blocking? √ Liftgate Window with Privacy Glass / Rear Quarter Window with Privacy Glass (Nov Press kit)
        11. Roof tinted or IR blocking? √ Available as an after-delivery option either tint or shade. (Fisker IG post 1.13.23).
        12. Bolted trunk, where does washer fluid go? - "cap is right next to wipers" √ (Fisker IG 7/22)
        13. Dual pane / sound dampening windows? √ Acoustic Laminated Glass. (press kit 11.22)
        14. Winter package features - F/R heated seats & SW, remote climate control, heated windshield (confirmed HF) washer & nozzles √ (2/22 press kit)
        15. What is the pedestrian warning (low speed) sound? √ 1960s sci-fi space ship link
        16. Backup sound? 
        17. Rear hatch hands free? √ NO
        18. Automatic/Rain-sensing Wipers? Yes √ (Press Kit 11/21)
        19. Rear camera spray / clean? √ NO
      3. Dimensions, etc.
        1. Length √ 188" / 4774 mm (Fisker Spec Sheet 5.5.2023)
        2. Wheelbase - √ 115" / 2921 mm (Fisker Spec Sheet 5.5.2023)
        3. Height - √ 22" wheels 65.1 / 1654mm; 20" wheels 64.2" / 1631mm(Fisker Spec Sheet 5.5.2023)
        4. Height with Gate open - Gate stop is adjustable
        5. Width - √ 78" / 1982 mm without mirrors (Fisker Spec Sheet 5.5.2023), 84.3" / 2140mm with mirrors (est)
        6. Legroom front/rear - 41.1"/39.8" | 1045/1011mm (Fisker Spec Sheet 5.5.2023)
        7. Headroom front / rear -   40"/39.5" | 1016/1003mm (Fisker Spec Sheet 5.5.2023)
        8. Cargo area dimensions (L/W/H):
          1. Official Cargo Volume: 812.1 liters/28.7 ft3 (according to EPA standards est) or 911L 32.4 ft3 behind first row; 476L/16.8 ft3 behind second row using SAE211 (Fisker Spec Sheet 5.5.2023)
          2. Opening width: 42.5"
          3. Interior width: 40.75"-41"
          4. Interior depth from opening to rear seat: 36" (far left/right sides) -37" (center)
          5. Interior depth opening to front seat: 71.65" (182 cm) - 75.6" (192 cm) depending on seat position.
          6. Floor height to opening: 25.5-26.75"
          7. Subfloor height to top of opening:  36"
          8. Subfloor height (deepest): 13.75"
          9. Subfloor height (shallow): 6.75"
          10. Load Height: 30.7" (Bjorn)
        9. Curb Weight - √5,365 lbs / 2,433.6 kg (Fisker Spec Sheet 5.5.2023)
      4. Interior Features
        1. Ventilated Seat option?  - No (confirmed by HF 9.11.22, fabric very 'breathable') √
        2. Adjustable Lumbar - driver / passenger)? √ No (confirmed on Production Intent vehicle)
        3. Steering Wheel Adjustment? - √ Tilt & Telescoping, both manual (@seaphil Seattle pop-up)
        4. Rear seat recline (elect or manual)? - partial Electric for One/Extreme, ink if it is an option for other (2/22 press kit)
        5. Power outlets (12 volt/AC) in front or cargo area? - Yes, 12 & AC power in cargo area (confirmed from production photos)√
        6. Wireless phone charger?  - Yes confirmed there are TWO induction chargers (one in Ultra and Sport) √
        7. USB C? - √ 2 USB C in back, one USB-C one USB-A inside center console confirmed Paris Auto Show Video
        8. Retractable Headliner? - √ Confirmed NO at Seattle pop-up. Looking into additional layer of tint to reduce grid effect. 
        9. Is there a light in the rear cargo area? - three lights shown in Barcelona
        10. Can Solar roof be tinted (affect power)? √ Available as an after-delivery option either tint or shade. (Fisker IG post 1.13.23).
        11. Open/close tailgate from driver seat? √ Yes, Tailgate switch on driver door From app? TBD Fob? TBD
        12. Can rear seats slide forward to expand cargo space? - √ No confirmed Paris Auto Show Video
        13. Seat fold down / up switch / lever in cargo area?
        14. Isofix mounts rear/front? - In the second seat row, the two outer seats will have Isofix attachment points. A child seat can be secured to the middle seat via vehicle belt and safety clip.√ (Fisker FB response) 
        15. Is there a Glove Box? Yes under seats√ (confirmed by HF on IG 8.15.22)
        16. Third row Seat option? No√ (per HF interview Barcelona)
        17. Taco Trays? Yes, driver and passenger in the One/Extreme √ (passenger only in Ultra and Sport - press kit 11.22).
      5. ADAS & Navigation
        1. FIP Summon feature?
        2. FIP Level 2 / 3 freeway with Automatic Lane Changes? - Lane change assist (driver signals, car makes change), drives in traffic jam below 40 mph, other features and future capabilities are unk
        3. FIP Hands-free capable? - No √ (Press Kit 2/22)
        4. Any FIP subscription cost?
        5. Route planner w/calculated battery percentage and charging stops? Yes, being integrated with all networks in Europe & US (2Q '22 Earnings)
      6. Other Electronics / Tech
        1. Support multiple driver profiles? √ Yes Memory Features - Extreme - Linked to customer ID, programs Ocean to remember the personalized position and user settings for each driver.
        2. Key fob included? – CORRECTION: at least one fob included with O/X/U/S √ (confirmed by Fisker 7/28/22)
        3. Phone as Key? √ NO phone as Key confirmed owner's manual
        4. RFID Keycard included / available? √ NO RFID key card only FOB confirmed owner's manual
        5. Auto Lock/unlock (approach / walk away) - Confirmed for One/Extreme, only with Key FOB
        6. Homelink Support? Confirmed No√ (email from Fisker to HOTICE 1.5.23)
        7. HUD? - Confirmed No√ (skvbfx from Fisker DM)
        8. Connectivity subscription required/included months/cost?
        9. Apple Carplay/Android Auto? change - maybe not - HF post on IG 9/27???
        10. Phone text integration? NO outgoing text messages - owner's manual
        11. Sirius/satellite radio? - yes, HF confirmed to [USER=1100]@Surfrider[/USER] directly√ 
        12. Sentry Mode / Gear Guard equivalent (with live viewing)? Confirmed Yes √ (HF on IG 8/22)
        13. Dash Cam function? - yes, HF confirmed 8/22 on IG√ 
        14. Pet/Dog mode? - yes, HF confirmed 8/22 on IG√ 
        15. Cabin/overheat protection?
        16. Side Camera activation with turn signal like Ioniq/Tesla?
        17. What is Limo Mode? - Control rear climate, sound, and seat recline from read screen√ (2/22 press kit) O/X only
        18. Rearview mirror camera mode? - Yes. O/X/U/S Digital Mirror acts as mirror or flip switch and it becomes a screen showing rear camera view. √ (2/22 press kit)
        19. In vehicle sound system? - √ ELS Studio 3D system in O/XT, Harmon Kardon in U/S
        20. Hypersound system play flac files (5.1 or Atmos formats)?
        21. USB C audio / video connection?
      7. Home Charging
        1. V2H capability? - Yes √ (Press Kit 2/22)
        2. V2H will Fisker offer ancillary equipment required/installation partnership? Yes, partnership will be announced soon for home charging installation. (2Q '22 Earnings)
        3. V2V Capability - Yes √ (Press Kit 2/22)
      8. Ordering & Delivery
        1. When will other paint colors be available (in time for One orders)? Second half of 2023 (HF IG post 8.3.22)
        2. Shipping locations for no extra charge?
        3. Timing & locations for in-person viewing / test drives? Brand Centers will be location except in places where not allowed, new locations to be announced before Nov., currently negotiating leases for integrated brand/service centers (2Q '22 Earnings)
        4. When are orders opening for Xtreme/Ultra/Sport? Extreme Nov 18 22, U&S 1Q 23 (2Q '22 Earnings)
        5. What are the X/U/S pre-order deposit amounts/refundable?
        6. Order to delivery timing following X/U/S models? Extreme Models Start in Late July 2023, Ultra and Sport in October 2023 (email confirmation from tax credit firm order 8.7.22)
        7. US customers able to place a "written binding contract to purchase" before year end to be eligible for the EV tax credit? Yes, ready to go if legislation moves forward as-is (2Q '22 Earnings)
      9. Service & Warranty
        1. Service centers in US (Firestone/other)? Firestone/Bridgestone in US confirmed, coupled with mobile service, Fisker-operated service centers, and partners for collision shops (2Q '22 Earnings)
        2. Service centers in EU? - - partial answer: Bridgestone in Germany and France; Mekonomen for Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark;
        3. Service Centers UK? -  Cox Automotive and Rivus (Fisker Press Release)
        4. Loaner vehicles during service?
        5. Automatic e-call emergency in event of accident? - Yes, confirmed for all of Europe and US. (2Q '22 Earnings)
        6. Scheduled Maintenance? - Requires multipoint inspection every six months or 6,000 miles at a Fisker Authorized service center. No scheduled maintenance confirmed by HF in Stockholm at 6:55
      10. Accessories
        1. Charge cable included (what power)? No
        2. Trailer Hitch Option Availability / Cost? - √ Two options - a "Accessory Receiver" for bike racks etc $800 or Two Package $1,200
        3. Available roof rack? - Yes, INNO Roof Rack shown in Stockholm 2.3.2023 
        4. Mud flaps included / optional? No
        5. Touchup Paint Kits Available?
        6. Wheel locks?
        7. Fog lamps? Yes front & rear - Owners manual
        8. Rubber floor mats (with Ocean logo)? Recycled Floor Mats only $250
        9. Cargo net?
        10. Cargo cover? - √ confirmed Paris Auto Show (currently showing as $0 option that must be selected)
      11. Other
        • Crash test release timing? Internal crash testing completed achieved 5 stars. External timing depends on agency. (2Q '22 Earnings)
        • Independent review timing? Released of review cars first week in Nov (2Q '22 Earnings)

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@bayoubob These are all necessary and important questions that we need answers to.  I'm sure that slowly more specs and functionality will be revealed.


I asked Henrik about interior shade and if the Ocean would have a retractable headliner, and he said yes.  I hope that will still be the case.

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Well. I was going to try to keep this evergreen with additional questions and answers, but cannot figure out how to edit the original post. Sean, any help on that? 

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Some random thoughts.


Is there a light in the rear cargo area?

12 volt plugs?  Front and cargo area?

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@nauchance thx, added it to the big list on the other forum where I can edit. 

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dimensions of rear cargo area with seats still up.  I want to make a custom cushion/bed area for my pupper 🙂


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@bayoubob Can you add This:-  What color are the calipers on the Ocean One as some  show blue 

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@bayoubob  was wondering about laminated glass windows for quietness. Even the Ioniq 5 has laminated glass all around

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@bayoubob You should be able to edit your own topics and posts. That functionality is now live!

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@seancallahan Thanks. Updated now.

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@subwiz123 #48

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@alpinex3 added to #44

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Can you add this :


1) If you tint the inside of the solar roof will it affect the charging capabilities of the solar charging 

2) When you walk away from the car does it auto lock 

3) I read the back seats can recline - Is that a manual or electric process adjustment

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@subwiz123 Added. Answer to walkaway locking is Yes for One/Extreme, not listed for other models, unk. if it will be an option. 

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Posted by: @grimtango

@subwiz123 For #3 I believe we already have an answer there. At least with "Limo Mode" which is a One/Extreme only thing. They are electric according to the website.

"In the all-electric Fisker Ocean, passengers in the second row can relax in spacious comfort while controlling the environment of the rear cabin with a digital touchscreen. This optional feature, usually reserved for high-end luxury vehicles, allows backseat riders to adjust the temperature and fan speed and control media volume. A separate control reclines the rear seat electrically for ultimate comfort."

Thanks. updated

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