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Blindspot and Lane Assist not available???

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Wife just came back from a 40 mile drive (20 miles each way)--no issues going but after parking for a couple of hours then coming back to the car for the drive home warnings that blindspot and lane assist were not available appeared when the car was started and remained on for the drive home.  Thoughts???  We just restarted the car and the warnings went away.  The reliabilty issues are very concerning for us!!!!

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PAKTechPaul PAKTechPaul September 18, 2023 8:33 AM

@nofrunk - what you are experiencing has been common for some of the cars delivered. Those are all ASAS related issues, and may need to be cleared from the car's computer memory, by a technician, to see if there is indeed a problem that still exists, or if it is a leftover problem that is stored in memory and keeps popping up. I don't have a solution, only a course for you to pursue to understand exactly what you are seeing.

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