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[Solved] ADAS Warning persistent

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Yesterday's drive home from work, I received an ADAS alert, Radar fault, and cleaned the vehicle. Drove in to work this morning - on start up the warning was gone, but came back after about 3 miles. Again, when I left work, the warning was gone. Hit the highway, and it's back again.  Posted the pic on FB, asked if it was a known bug, and Fisker responds: 

That is not a fault. That symbol says that at that point in time you cannot rely on Adas for certain functions. They maybe unavailable due to many things like light, dust, proximity to objects, terrain. These are regulated features & symbols. Again it is a mandatory display, not a warning light.

The Lane keep assist stops working, and every time I change lanes, with turn signal, the warning pops on the top of the screen. Or, if any vehicle is around me, where it would set off the blind spot notification system, the ADAS system gives the warning.  Then, the Auto Emergency Braking warning, not sure what triggered that.

I requested service, and here we have Fisker replying that this is normal operation. Radgiver on the Service portal through the app, wasn't very helpful, but it seemed the automated portal allowed me to schedule an appointment. Of course, the email of the case, from yesterday - someone will reach out to you in the next business day.  Today was that business day, and still no response. 

Losing a bit of confidence in the service behind the vehicle, and driving at nighttime, daytime, early morning, clear, no fog, no rain (San Diego...go figure), and I purposely made sure all the sensors were unimpeded by dust, and Fisker seems to think it's "normal" to drive a vehicle with warnings on the dash.  

If it was raining, my car was dirty, it was foggy, I might be able to look past it - but this isn't normal. Additionally, Service request for a vehicle delivered 3 days ago that already has issues with it. 

Has anyone encountered ADAS, automatic braking, or Radar faults under clean and normal driving conditions that have been resolved by some action I can take?  (I've rebooted the car several times, and the warning seem to persist, and have been persistent over the past 2 days).


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@dridas - @nofrunk - I have experienced these "warnings" with my car over the last two months of ownership.  What the Radgivers, and some service representatives don't tell you - because they are not technical, or don't know, is that these warning lights and messages are there to tell you that the radar and or cameras are not working properly with the ADAS system.


I too had concerns about the car being safe to drive, when I kept seeing these warnings - who wouldn't, we have all been trained that "Check engine" light might be a big problem!

So, what all this means is that the computer on the car has to be reflashed, to clear these warnings, and ensure you have the latest software.  It also means that you can't rely on the ADAS to help you with anything - you have to drive it like a car without ADAS, until it gets fixed.


I recommend that you contact your service provider and schedule an appointment to get your car's computer reflashed/updated, and submit the photos of the error messages to them for proof, and time/day this occurred.  I know. personally, how much of a PIA this is, but welcome to the club of early adopters!

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Dridas Topic starter September 14, 2023 7:45 PM

@paktechpaul Thanks for the advice. I tried to submit pictures through the Service request (Fisker App), but wasn't able to. Seems the options are to submit memes and emojis. I scheduled an appointment, received a case number, and the email said they would contact me within one business day. They didn't contact me, and that's concerning. If they want to do everything through an app, and not have service numbers for customers to call in to, then they should at least hold true to what they say they are going to do.

I've reset the computer, and rebooting doesn't work. I've pressed , held brake, and pressed the bottom buttons and held them for 30 seconds, 1 minutes, 2 minutes, and it doesn't do anything. Holding the inside buttons for 30 seconds resets the infotainment just fine though.

PAKTechPaul PAKTechPaul September 15, 2023 9:58 AM

@dridas - It is possible to submit pictures through the Redgiver app, but they, have to request an upload in the middle of a chat. You can only load one photo per request. It may be easier to email/text your customer service contact with the errors and photos. That was the most effective thing for me. The whole Radgiver method is really a joke. I have several cases that were submitted through this method, and just received a response to one that I had submitted in early August. My advice is to not wait for them to contact you, but keep contacting your customer service person until you get action.


Posted by: @dridas

Has anyone encountered ADAS, automatic braking, or Radar faults under clean and normal driving conditions that have been resolved by some action I can take?  (I've rebooted the car several times, and the warning seem to persist, and have been persistent over the past 2 days).

Yes, I encountered similar messages from time to time when I first got my vehicle. However, they went away after the first software update. Out of curiosity, what date was your vehicle delivered in San Diego and by chance do you know what version of software your vehicle is running? 

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PAKTechPaul PAKTechPaul September 14, 2023 6:05 PM

@nofrunk - I can try to help you understand what you are seeing on your driver's screen:

Yellow brake light with exclamation simply tells you that the parking brake is slow, or has experienced an error in the past. It should turn red, when you put the vehicle in park, meaning the parking brake is engaged. When stationary, you can try to engage the parking brake manually, to see if it works.

Red ADAS symbol is telling you that the cameras and or the radar are not communicating with the ADAS computer, and it can't be relied upon to help you drive. The yellow light looking like a rear end crash is also a symptom of the ADAS failure.

Yellow Emergency Braking notice is simply telling you that since the ADAS is not working properly, you have to drive carefully, and be sure to brake when required manually, because the ADAS is not going to help you.

Front camera not working is letting you know that this sensor is not communicating with the ADAS system. It's just one piece of the ADAS puzzle.

I don't have much experience with lack of regen, but you can test this by letting off the accelerator, and see if the car is slowing down. You can also check the car symbol at the top of the main screen, and see if the red brake lights show up, when regen is working (or regular braking).

Sean is right, you need to make sure you have the latest software version, which is version 06 now, about to be upgraded to version 07

Dridas Topic starter September 14, 2023 7:50 PM

@seancallahan Received the vehicle on monday 9/11. Latest version is 1.3 or something like that, and I have 1.27. I know an update came out two days after the car was delivered. It was supposed to be delivered 9/10, but the driver cancelled at the last minute, so I'm doubtful it received the latest update before being delivered. I did schedule an appointment through the app, but not sure how reliable the scheduling via automated service chat is.

Sean Callahan Sean Callahan September 14, 2023 8:44 PM

Surprised it didn't come with version FM29 OS 1.06. Yeah, get your software updated. That should resolve your issue. I noticed Fisker added the automated scheduling in the app. I haven't tried that out yet. Let me know how it works.


my dash at the moment

Yellow Brake(with an exclaimation)
Red ADAS Symbol
Yellow Emergency braking 

also get regen braking not working along with front camera not working!

IMHO this VERY CONCERNING! and renders the vehicle not driveable!!!!! 

IMG 0485

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Dridas Topic starter September 14, 2023 5:03 PM

@nofrunk What has Fisker said about it?  Have you been able to get any Service Technicians to diagnose or even discuss the issues?

NOFRUNK NOFRUNK September 14, 2023 5:18 PM

@dridas have not had any service tech look at it BUT--I do have two folks fairly high up looking into/researching it.  I DID mention to my "contact" that someone else on fiskerati reported a similar experience/situation

Sean Callahan Sean Callahan September 14, 2023 5:25 PM

@nofrunk Have you tried rebooting the vehicle? This may resolve your issue. Search "reboot" in the owner's manual. Press and hold the two bottom buttons on the steering wheel for 10 to 15 seconds to reboot the vehicle. 

@dridas You may want to try this as well if you haven't already done it. You mentioned rebooting the car but was that infotainment (two inner buttons) or vehicle (two bottom buttons)?

Rebooting the Vehicle
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