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Pairing My Fisker App with Fisker Ocean

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If you're having difficult pairing your Fisker Ocean with the My Fisker app, here's a step-by-step guide that has worked for several people: 

  1. Delete Existing Fisker App:

    • On your Android or iOS phone, locate the existing Fisker app.
    • Delete the app from your device.
  2. Download Latest My Fisker App:

    • Visit the respective app store (Google Play for Android, App Store for iOS).
    • Download the latest version of the My Fisker app.
    • Log in to the My Fisker app using your login credentials.
  3. Perform Fisker Ocean Reset:

    • In your Fisker Ocean, locate the two inner buttons on your steering wheel.
    • Press and hold these buttons for 15 to 20 seconds to perform a reset.
  4. Access Settings and Profile on Fisker Ocean:

    • Once the screen reboots, navigate to Settings on the central touchscreen.
    • Check the existing profiles. If there's one, delete it.
  5. Create a New Profile:

    • Follow the prompts on the central touchscreen to create a new profile.
    • Use the My Fisker app to scan the barcode displayed on the screen.
  6. Complete Pairing:

    • Follow any additional prompts on the app and the Fisker Ocean screen to complete the pairing process.
  7. Verification:

    • Confirm that the pairing is successful by checking if your app can now interact with and control your Fisker Ocean. (e.g., unlocking your Fisker Ocean, using California Mode)

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@seancallahan doesn’t every manufacturer make their customers do this??😂😂


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@seancallahan thanks- california mode not working from fob but repair was successful