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The Fisker Truck

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The Fisker Alaska pickup truck is alive and well. There was a mention of a Fisker Alaska truck on today's conference call. -- FT32 Platform (derivative of the Fisker Ocean -- not engineered from the ground up rather leveraging what already exists. Company can save a lot of money.)

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This is a very good option IMO. There are a lot of people who need to flexibility of a bed for hauling stuff but do not need to full blown monster truck. In fact the entire pickup truck market has become ludicrous. I just walked past an old F250 yesterday. It was probably a mid-70s era. Even though it was (for the time) a big 3/4 ton pickup, it is a fraction of the size of an F150. It is smaller than a Colorado. A high utility, high efficiency vehicle like this with a bed will do really well. 

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@bayoubob exactly ! You have to wonder about dudes buying these monsters who could more than likely easily get by with a 150 or similar. 

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Will I get my Fisker One delivered before my VW needs its 100K service?? The race is on..
and…… will we still get the $7500 tax credit? Only HF knows…

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Why even bother getting a pickup truck unless you spring for an F650 tri-cab with tribal markings!


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As a homeowner, I just want a compact truck.... that can fit like 4 x 8 drywalls with tail gate down of course.  And at the same time, daily activities... Seem so difficult...