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Fisker Ocean


  • Magna has already begun producing vehicles including the first Fisker Ocean to roll off the high volume assembly line.
  • Magna will continue to build vehicles for marketing purposes and to learn to become as efficient as possible.
  • Magna is a manufacturer and supplier for Fisker Ocean seating, lighting, etc. helps supply the parts for the Fisker Ocean.
  • Magna Steyr will get all the energy it needs with energy crisis in Europe.
  • Magna Steyr runs mainly on hydroelectric power.
  • Fisker can scale to 70,000 units with Magna Steyr in Graz, Austria without any additional capital (i.e., an extra shift at current plant).
  • Building several marketing cars for Fisker and they will be shipped to the US before start of production.

Fisker PEAR

  • When asked about the Fisker PEAR, Henrik said it will be, “The craziest car you will ever see in your life.”
  • It is “crazy” because it is was designed around user scenarios to be the “best vehicle on the planet for food delivery” and European mega cities.
  • Henrik thinks they will build 1,000,000 PEARs in the future.
  • Zero movable parts in the interior accept for the seats; taking so much cost out of the vehicle, but it will include a 17.1″ display.


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