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How Car Interiors are Being Remade

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No mention of Alcantara or FeelTek, but rather artificial leather made of cactus and mushrooms. Who would have ever thought that would be possible!? (Answer: Mercedes)

Auto makers, making the connection between EVs and sustainability, are also switching to natural fabrics and recycled materials whenever possible. The upcoming Fisker Ocean electric SUV has a fully vegan interior, and incorporates reclaimed fishing nets, worn T-shirts, and repurposed rubber. Mercedes’s Vision EQXX concept used biodegradable bio-steel fiber for door handles, and artificial leather (made from cactus and mushrooms, with half the carbon impact) for the seats. The floor mats are recyclable bamboo. And BMW’s I Vision Circular uses only recycled steel, rubber, glass, and plastic in the interior.

Check out the latest episode of All-Things Fisker.

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What kind of shrooms???

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Will I get my Fisker One delivered before my VW needs its 100K service?? The race is on..
and…… will we still get the $7500 tax credit? Only HF knows…