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Fully Charged Live

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Three quick items: 1) Thank you Sean for this forum. Wish I had the funds to contribute. Those with extra resources should consider doing so. 2) There is a Fully Charged Live electric vehicle show at the San Diego Convention Center on Sept 10/11. Hopefully, an Ocean and Henrik will be there. 3) As I've mentioned, my wife and I might not be the typical One buyers as we are retirees without a huge revenue stream. We go back and forth on walking on our $5K as the financial pressure on us is great. After watching this video on You Tube we are back on, at least for today. 🙂 Check it out as it is very exciting!

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@san-diego-fisker Yes, Fisker Ocean will be at Fully Charged Live. If you want to go maybe I'l see you there. You can get 15% off using coupon code FISKERATI at check out. More details here:

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