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Fisker Names David King as Chief Technology Officer

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@dazedandconfused This is an interesting development.  Burkhardt Hunke leaving Fisker and Kijg taking over the CTO role. I am not sure if this is due to all the initial negative feedback on software.

Hope David King gets going quickly and makes improvements roll out faster and better

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Posted by: @dazedandconfused

David King has overseen the launch of Ocean at Graz and lead the development of Ronin and Force-E, and is now the CTO leading engineering and software development. The launch of Ocean has been slow and delayed due to several factors, and Ronin and Force-E are future high-end products. Can anyone tell if this is positive or negative in resolving current issues of the Ocean?


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Before being appointed CTO, David King was the Senior Vice President Of Engineering at Fisker. He has a long history of vehicle engineering and leading teams.

Mr. David King brings over 30 years of vehicle engineering and product development leadership experience, primarily at Aston Martin. David’s accomplishments include the DB7 V12 Vantage and clean-sheet platform development that resulted in DB9 and Vantage, and a role as President of Aston Martin Racing. David’s work on several joint-OEM, rapid development platform-sharing projects with Ford, Jaguar, and Daimler is particularly relevant to Fisker’s asset-light, compressed development timeline approach. Most recently, David was Aston Martin Lagonda VP and Chief Special Operations Officer, successfully leading a team of approximately 100 engineers to launch a series of specialty vehicles and develop the ‘Q by Aston Martin’ bespoke customization service.

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