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Benelux delivery update

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Hi Fisker enthusiasts,

I just wanted to share some info with you guys about the delivery schedule for the Benelux.

After a long chats with multiple radgivers I got some disappointing news for all customers in the Benelux. They told me they won't deliver any Oceans to the Netherlands or Belgium before q4 2024/ or 2025. And this really pissed me off. Because the Benelux is just not a "launch" country.

This is the most disappointing release of an car I have ever seen. My reservation number is in the early 2000 so I hoped to buy an Fisker One. 

Before I placed my pre order I reached out multiple times to Fisker INC and they insured me I would have my Fisker before 2024. (I need the car in January 2024). And they assured me everything would be alright, so I placed the pre order.

I understand there are some delivery/manufacturing/component problems with a new car. But they know looooong before the first Fisker Ocean rolled out of the factory, they wouldn't deliver to the Benelux. Because the Netherlands isn't a "Launch" country They won't deliver any One models to their Benelux customers.

They Also knew they won't deliver any cars before 2024 to the Benelux, but they promised the early customers an early delivery. all lies to me.

I offered multiple options for an early delivery, like delivering the Ocean to Germany so I would import the car and register it my self in the Netherlands. Even driving the car to Munic for service. 

But they don't want to reach out to the Benelux customers. Because just.... They don't want to make the effort. All Fisker has to do it give me a receipt corresponding with the VIN.


Big booo for Fisker

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I must admit that i was today years old when I heard of Benelux as an actual term for the three countries of the region.  Your silver lining may be that the reviews so far suggest that not only is it very worth waiting for (if you can sort it on your end) but it might even better to do so bc free software updates will just make it so much better by late 2024.  

But agree that it sounds extremely annoying;  it’s even possible depositors or rez holders in their actual launch markets may be unexpectedly waiting well till 2024 as well. 

id advise exploring every way to stay in line.  At least you’ll be among the first in Benelux if u can wait.

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Hello @mrbiggles,  I visited the Neuss Fisker Centre just this past Thursday and they have several new Oceans that they are willing to sell you, factory direct. They are available for immediate purchase and pick-up in Neuss, DE.