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Toyota: The Last ICE-Maker Breaks

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News from overnight: Toyota’s new CEO planning to produce 1.5 million EVs a year by 2026 (10 new models). That will represent, realistically, 15% - 20% of Toyota’s 2026 sales volume (+/-).  It is particularly significant because Toyota was the last major holdout on the ICE vehicle platform (and the world's biggest lobbyist against EV policies, hello Joe Manchin). While they are still claiming they are committed to developing ICE and hybrid vehicles, this marks the last major OEM that was pushing against EVs (well, maybe Stellantis, but they are not particularly relevant).

By my rough count, EV production in 2026 (based on committed volumes from the major OEMs and reasonable projections from smaller ones) should be ~25 million.  

And salient to that, Tesla just whacked prices again overnight as the price and range war now now meaningfully begins. Interesting times. 

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Oh yay, more prius like pods on the road.

It will help spur more competition and innovation for sure and hopefully drive prices downwards- but i hope it does not inspire a legion of copycat designs based on toyotas exterior design aesthetics..


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Will I get my Fisker One delivered before my VW needs its 100K service?? The race is on..
and…… will we still get the $7500 tax credit? Only HF knows…

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