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Tesla to open U.S. charging network to rivals

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This is good news for everyone, maybe except for Tesla customers who will face longer lines at charging stations. A few snippets from the article:

Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) will open part of its U.S. charging network to electric vehicles (EVs) made by rivals as part of a $7.5 billion federal program to expand the use of EVs and cut carbon emissions.

By late 2024, Tesla would open 3,500 new and existing Superchargers along highway corridors to non-Tesla customers, the Biden administration said. It would also offer 4,000 slower chargers at locations like hotels and restaurants.

A White House official said at a briefing that Tesla would be eligible for a subsidy - including retrofitting its existing fleet - as long as its chargers allowed other vehicles with a federally backed charging standard called CCS to charge.

The administration said Tesla had not committed to adopting CCS as its standard, but it must comply with the requirements to qualify for federal funds.


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