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Rivian and Polestar Together At Last, Well Sort Of

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A few snippets from the article below, which mentions Fisker...

Rivian and Polestar agree that urgent action is needed regarding global warming. The automakers also admit that passenger vehicles are responsible for 15% of the total greenhouse gas emissions. Even all-electric vehicles can’t be of too much help without a comprehensive strategy.

So, it’s no surprise that the world’s most valuable auto company today is a BEV manufacturer. Similarly, since EVs are a lot simpler to build and do not require as many components as ICE cars, it makes sense that more companies appear in this space. That’s why Rivian, Canoo, NIO, Fisker, Lucid, XPeng, Aptera, or, Polestar exist and have a real shot at thriving.

However, only Rivian and Polestar decided to join forces for a new report in which they admit that moving onto a BEV-only strategy must be done in a truly sustainable manner. If the switch from ICEVs to all-electric vehicles is done with haste and by ignoring overall greenhouse gas emissions for the entire supply and demand chains, things could still spiral out of control.


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Of that list of potential "thriving", I question Canoo (which I hold stock in, unfortunately), and Aptera (the one that drew the big crowds in San Diego.  Both of those companies are on a wing and a prayer, financially, and the Aptera just does not make sense to me, from an engineering standpoint.  You just can't capture enough sunlight, to travel at highway speeds, or around town, to make that model work.

The other companies have enough financial backing to continue for another year or so, and I hope Fisker is a long term good bet, since I hold a ton of that stock, and have my One scheduled for delivery soon, I hope.

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@paktechpaul I too unfortunately have shares in GOEV (Canoo) although pretty much valueless now.   A few months ago I thought they were done for (bad enough that I canceled my $100 deposit worrying I would lose that as well), however, they have since partnered with Walmart so feel their association with Walmart will get them through the initial growing pains.

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