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Lyriq production vs deliveries

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So once again I find it instructive to track Fisker's progress against the competition. published a report at the end of January stating that GM sold 122 Cadillac Lyriqs in all of 2022.  However, it quotes a GM Authority article as saying that 8,195 Lyriqs were produced last year.  However, we now know that GM has only sold 5,334 US Lyriqs + 536 in Canada YTD through the end of Q3 2023.  That means that over 2,000 Lyriqs that were built in 2022 are either still in transit to dealers or sitting on a lot unsold.  There were supposedly another 2,000 produced through about May of this year.  If it is reasonable to assume that has since doubled to just 4,000 for all of 2023 through mid-November, there are still over 6,000 undelivered Lyriqs, or slightly more than 50% of total production to date.

I assume they are being hamstrung by a complex interaction of dealers and quotas and markups because there's just no other explanation for an established brand to be struggling so much to get a relatively low volume model into the hands of customers who have had reservations for years.  Given the ramp Cadillac has shown so far I fully expect Fisker to match Cadillac in US EV registrations in Q4 (there are already more Oceans in port in the US than Lyriqs sold last quarter) and I expect global Ocean registrations to exceed Lyriq's full year numbers.

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Fisker “should” deliver 6-7k cars this year, next year is going to be where things get gray. No one knows actual demand and car companies stopped revealing reservation numbers. With the stock free falling, their accounting issues, the car’s issues, and unknown demand, Fisker is teetering on not being around much longer. I don’t care they mentioned they have no demand problem, they wouldn’t admit to that anyway given how poor the earnings numbers were. If you saw the Q3 statements it only appears that there are about 16k 1k confirmed orders, or less and a whole bunch of $250 deposited un confirmed orders. Either way, this doesn’t scream no demand problem, actually quite the opposite.