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Driving the wrong EV on a road trip

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A 9-hour drive in Toyota's new electric SUV showed me how brutal EV road trips can be with the wrong car.



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Nice little article, ended the way I expected.  I wonder how much more efficient the heat pump will be.  The Californians won't have as much worry about heat, but I'm sure the a/c will be working.  However with a heat pump the a/c works in reverse under a heating cycle so theoretically the performance loss would be the same.  And for people saying everyone is too concerned about range numbers and they don't need to be, tell the guy in the article that and I am sure he will have a different point of view.  Having more range allows you some luxury such as speed, heat or cooling that others will sacrifice just to get home.  

I can imagine a comic at some point of 2 EV's at a light in the winter, one where the driver's nose has an icicle hanging off the end and the other with the windows down and the heat blasting with a bumper sticker that says GOT RANGE?

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