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California ZEV Sales

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California just released their new ZEV Sales updated for Year to Date through Q3.

The site has a ton of detailed information (including sales by brand/model and broken down by Counties).

YTD, ZEVs comprise of 17.70% of all sales and BEVs are 14.82% of all sales.  For Q3 alone, ZEVs were 20.39% of all sales; BEVs 17.73%.  Tesla still sell close to 3/4 of all BEVs in California, however, non-Tesla BEVs sales increased 50% quarter-to-quarter (16,442 in Q2 vs 23,533 in Q3).  While the entire automotive sales decreased 7.1% in the 3rd quarter; ZEV sales grew 20.9% for the same period.  Non-ZEVs were down 11.3%.

Overall, car sales are on pace to have the lowest total sales since 2013 (even lower than 2020); yet 2022 BEV sales will likely be close to 2020 & 2021 sales combined.

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