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In addition to the Rules for Fiskerati Forums, all sellers and buyers transacting through this Classifieds Forum must abide by these Classified Rules:

ATTENTION SELLERS: Any member of Fiskerati Forums that lists or responds to a classified ad is required to follow these rules. Any post or response that does not comply with these rules will be deleted without notice. 

ATTENTION BUYERS: Please report any classified ads that do not follow these rules. Caveat emptor (buyer beware). Proceed with caution when transacting through this forum.

Rule #1 - All items for sale in the Classifieds forum should be relevant to Fisker Ocean electric SUVs and not link to items for sale on other sites.

Rule #2 - Post photo(s) of the actual item you are selling. Stock photos are not allowed.

Rule #3 - Photos must include a REAL piece of paper with your Forum Username and Date written on it next to the item(s) you are listing for sale. No digitally altered/edited photos are allowed.

Rule #4 - No "feeler" classified listings are permitted. Classifieds are only for items that are currently in your possession and ready to be sold. 

Rule #5 - Classified listings must include an asking price or best offer is allowed, but it must be accompanied by an asking price. 

Rule #6 - Only members with genuine questions and interest in items for sale should respond to classified listings.

Rule #7 - Use private messages to exchange contact information. No publicly sharing your contact information when listing or replying to a classified ad. 

Rule #8 - Keep your listing current. If your is sold update subject with the word 'SOLD'.

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