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Aptera Suggests US Gov Choose Tesla's Plug And Superchargers As Standard

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I am not sure why Aptera would suggest a standard that is proprietary (and not theirs).  I have mixed feelings about this.  Having used both, the Tesla is definitely easier to use but it is has more to do with "plug in and start charging."  For this to work, Tesla would need to open their standard (no one will go for it if they have to pay licensing/royalty fees to Tesla).  I am still not sure how well it would work and what would happen to all the cars on CCS.

It's also disingenuous for Aptera to state "a Texas program recently disclosed that installing a Supercharger station costs just one-fifth of other networks."  While it's true that Tesla submitted proposal at $30k per stall vs $150k per stall from some individuals looking to install CCS, the comparison is not apples to apples.  Due to the size, Tesla likely can install chargers much cheaper, however, they would likely be able to install CCS chargers for a similar price.  The $150k was the limit and most were submitted by individuals that probably were being conservative on the price.  It was also unverified if Tesla could build them that cheaply or if that is just what they were asking for.

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@ttrinchi You've probably seen this interview with Henrik on Fox Business. @ 3:44 Henrik and the host talk about charging options and coming up with a common standard. According to Henrik the US government is talking about this today.


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Just no. Please. Elon already has a big head and ego. He'd probably find a way to tax the government on using the standard. I agree that a standard needs to be developed, but maybe effective at as certain model year. We can get by on the adapters until then.

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